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Snap Your Fingers & Stomp Your Feet (2010)

by Sean Michael Dargan

Goodbye 04:08
Goodbye (Dargan) This could take some time to process Backwards go the hands of progress now They gave it to you on a platter Not that truth would seem to matter now Things got bad and things got worse Oh, how to make you say goodbye? The Mount Ranier of shame and folly Following your bald Svengali clown Overreaching arrogance Coupled with incompetence profound (All the way down) Things got bad and things got worse Still you had no plans to say goodbye Leaders lie, that’s understood, but you went ‘round the bend Smashed this country we all love into pieces that won’t mend Mission accomplished, baby; freedom is on the march I thought you’d never say goodbye… (c) 2010 Slightly Charred Music
Little Miss Sunshine (Dargan) Little Miss Sunshine has rust on her wheels A short in her wires; do you know how she feels? She's rough in the morning till her coffee is made But hardly beginning to fade And if you could have seen her All those years ago... Little Miss Sun-Shiiiiiiiiiiiiine How do you know when you've finally found The one that you've searched for for years? What can you show to the rest of the crowd But the way that she brakes and she steers? And the lengths to which she will go Are taller than her gears, oh... Little Miss Sun-Shiiiiiiiiiiiiine Nothing lasts forever, but we can choose to stay And if we're feeling clever we can drive away together Drive away together, drive away... (c) 2010 Slightly Charred Music
Ballad of Alberto Gonzales (Dargan) You sold me out True beyond a doubt I always stood beside you Firm, legal hand to guide you (You don’t have to shout) I don’t recall Much, if at all I’d answer all their questions They’ve got so many questions I don’t recall I’m not saying laws were not obeyed I don’t think the jury would be swayed I’m just saying that mistakes were made How could I know How this would go? John Ashcroft did the hiring Kyle Sampson did the firing (more a brother than a lawyer now) I shoveled snow I don’t like the way that I’m portrayed Stop calling this a grand crusade I’m just saying that mistakes were made Things fall apart Doomed from the start One speech in the Rose Garden One pending, blanket pardon (just another casualty of war) No bleeding hearts Suddenly my welcome’s overstayed Hard not to feel a bit betrayed I’m just saying that mistakes were made You sold me out! (c) 2010 Slightly Charred Music
Green 02:33
Green (Dargan) We were standing in the kitchen She seemed so kind to me Then you walked in and took her far away Left me feeling green... You were barely there three minutes I'd been waiting for three hours I was almost ready to make my move Is she going home with you? green, green, I am feeling green green, green, green I was always shy at parties She was never on her own I kept looking for a chance to say hello She was always on the phone... (c) 2010 Slightly Charred Music
If I Were Smart (Dargan) If I were smart I would kiss you on the cheek Catch myself a Greyhound, ride it for a week I would love to learn to love some time apart... If only I were smart If I were smart I would point my car down South Leave my stuff in storage, learn to shut my mouth I would make myself make a brand-new start If only I were smart Walk right out that door I won't fight anymore No more nights like before and no more broken hearts If only I were smart If I were smart I would turn around this moment Find a worthier opponent, Leave the battle while I can If I were smart I would shoot for better aim I would turn around again, till I could craft a better plan I could see the time has come for us to part Try to find a way to make the ending start If only I were smart If I were smart I would walk right out that door (c) 2010 Slightly Charred Music
Someday I Might Learn (Dargan) Your late night, overnight visitor's free pass Begets well shorn, early morning pizza Just say the word and I will stay, usher in this holiday You draw the map and I'll pull around to meet ya One for me, two for you, I don't know just what to do Hard to start a campfire when the kindling will not burn Three that you've waited for sits outside your bedroom door Someday you might tell me, and someday I might learn I watch you drop your tiny hints as April moonlight gently glints Off the buckles of the straps that would hold my self-control You lift your hand to seize the day, find your keys but lose your way Gasp for one last thing to say, then take off on a roll This golden opportunity is never to return You fired a spark but it missed, it's your neck I should have kissed And your eyes say "stupid boy, what are you waiting for?" And now my hands are stuck, like my wheels and like my luck I'm still sleeping in my truck and you are halfway out the door The game is nearly over, I'm still waiting for my turn When you Sing like Billie Holiday and look like Laura Dern (c) 2010 Slightly Charred Music
I Scare So Easily (Dargan) I scare so easily, you know it's true I scare so easily, compared to you My hearing isn't quite as keen As what it was at seventeen And sometimes when you walk behind me, I don't hear you walk behind me I didn't hear you... I trip so frequently and I fall hard I respond to gravity with no regard My nancy little ankles are About as strong as caviar But I'm still playing basketball Watch me while I trip and fall Watch me while I... Tugging cables that entwined me Oh baby, don't remind me Ooh, ooh, I'm sure fun at parties! (c) 2010 Slightly Charred Music
Margaret 03:51
Margaret (Dargan) Margaret is reaching for the glasses on my face Now she’s got ‘em and I can’t see a thing Margaret is growing at a truly awesome pace And she loves her little ladybug on a string This happy baby is ready for the day I’m hoping maybe she might let us sleep in a little longer Wait and see… (then she smiles at me!) Margaret is waiting for her plane to make the gate She’s heading down South to try and dodge the snow Margaret is thinking that the storm might make us late But she’s feeling fine and she’s chewing on her toes This tired baby, not interested in sleep Is hoping maybe we might let her stay up a little longer… (c) 2010 Slightly Charred Music
Another Little Flutter (Of Yer Tiny Heart) (Dargan) I've been looking for you, baby For what feels like fifty years And lately thinking, "maybe There is nothing here for me but tears" But today's a whole lot brighter And I'm off to a brand new start There's some Nick Lowe playing on the radio And another little flutter of your tiny heart It was worse than I'd imagined Lord, it left a nasty mark So I cross my fingers, close my eyes And take another long-shot shot in the dark Now I see that you are in there And you're ready to play your part All my doubts are dropping like a domino With another little flutter of your tiny heart Another little flutter A telegram from someone new I'm peering through the clutter And trying not to misconstrue Another little flutter Like a bolt out of the blue It's like opening the shudders Of a brand new house with a lakefront view The image is kind of hazy But the likeness absolute One fresh gerbera daisy With a ginger ale, in your birthday suit So I hear you're headed out here Like I dreamed of from the start With a soft, warm glow on the video A mystery show they will never know It's a subtle smashing of the status quo With another little flutter of your tiny, little heart (c) 2010 Slightly Charred Music
Boomerang 03:33
Boomerang (Dargan) You told me goodbye from the wheel of your new, blue Impala Guess I never could provide the things that you need You yelled "stand aside" out the window as you threw my plush koala With screeching tires in a brash display of speed But what if that flame abated? Your ride abbreviated? Your heart decelerated to a halt? I bet you're... Coming back (coming back) Coming back (coming back) Like a boomerang! The Bridge On The River Kwai Was showing down at the cinema drafthouse I sat in the back with a some soup and an Nut Brown Ale She had a row of Mai Tais, Knee-high boots and checkered silk blouse I got caught in the snare of her ponytail My soul is resuscitated, My will inebriated, My fears expatriated to the floor I think I'm... Coming back (coming back) Coming back (coming back) Like a boomerang! So if you show up postdated, And I seem irritated, I have circumnavigated you for good... (c) 2010 Slightly Charred Music
Hey Joe Biden! (Dargan) You should try not to talk so much You're so much better when you're understated It's not as if you're out of touch 36 years -- it's clear you're dedicated You've got the backs of the citizens of Delaware But you talk too much, and of that fact they're well aware It's time to take a verbal holiday (ayyyyyyy….) You saved the world from a Justice Bork (we all agree) If only you had faired as well with Clarence T. A civil rights absurdiity, a social justice tragedy I guess it's time to give the game away (ayyyyyyy….) Hey Joe Biden, Hey! (c) 2010 Slightly Charred Music
Quarter Turn Twist of the Wrist (Dargan) Friday races were never drearier Typical victors preordained Up to the line on your Brough Superior Goggles fogged in a soft, Sping rain Roll my Bonneville up to the line (tickle the carbs to a steady flow) Top Dead Center and give it a kick (a fine, full chat and away we go!) Roll on the throttle (there's no key) Louder now than an XJE On the right side.... Let's go for a ride Down in your valley and up the other side It's a slow kiss On a night like this You get a half a mile further from a quarter turn twist of the wrist A little more nimble, a little more sleek (never gonna stop till you get one) Stomp your Guzzi any day of the week (never gonna stop till you get one) Wind-swept Norton (starting to drift) Pushing the red-line, waiting to shift On the right side... Pour my life (from a petrol can) Half way home to the Isle of Man (c) 2010 Slightly Charred Music
Three States Down A day and a half through the driving snow A thermos of hope in the morning glow A nine-hour drive for a meal and a show Three states down… Three states down… Three states down and ten states to go No antenna means no radio The window is stuck and it’s four below On through the night, LaCrosse up to Fargo Three states down… Three states down… Three states down and ten states to go Back in the van to drive in the dark Eat where you can, sleep where you park Your favorite map still clings to life with packing tape 24 hours you’ll never forget Coffee, a smoke and the daily gazette In a town you’ve never seen before Now you’re planning your escape… (c) 2010 Slightly Charred Music


released January 1, 2010

Slightly Charred Records
Madison, WI (p) 2010
All songs written by Sean Michael Dargan (c) 2010
Produced by SMD and Dan Kennedy
Recorded and Mixed by Perry Blanchard @ e-Labs
Mastered by Jack LeTourneau @ e-Labs
Orchestration by Michael Brenneis
Design by aaronarthur.com


all rights reserved



Sean Michael Dargan Madison, Wisconsin

Sean Michael Dargan is almost too tall, standing six feet, four inches in his favorite black-and-white saddle shoes. On a good day he writes and plays pop rock in the vein of Nick Lowe, Elvis Costello, Aimee Mann, and the Gin Blossoms. Guitar and voice are his main instruments, but if you’re not nice he’ll go get out his bagpipes. ... more

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