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sean michael dargan (1996)

by Sean Michael Dargan

…I’m Going With You (Dargan/Covert) I never could say the things that I’m feeling Now that feeling is all around I catch your scent and it sends me reeling And all of my ceilings come crashing down Believe it or not I’m going with you Wether or not you choose to go Straight to the top, I nearly missed you Dragging my feet, I’m moving too slow Shuffle on down, check your connections Make your selections, right on time I lose my frown, change your direction Drive like the dickens, stop on a dime Believe it or not… It makes no sense to stop what I’m doing Sidestep the ruin that looms ahead But you’re on the fence, trouble’s brewing Take you on back to the house instead Believe it or not… Knock down the walls that stood in your way Say what you will but I won’t stay When everything new I am throwing away All for you… Believe it or not… (c) 1996 Slightly Charred Music
Lamplight (Dargan) Midnight, picking daisies in the moonlight Skipping rocks behind your shadow Letting go a bit too soon The lamplight is not enough to trust my eyesight If I wake to feel you breathing Like a lazy afternoon Was that your car that passed me by? Or is it just the dust that makes me cry? Crack the doors, trip down the hall You’re only slipping until you fall Dim the lights and wait for your call You’re only slipping until you fall Halftime, would you tug upon my lifeline If you see me starting under And I forget to hold my breath Red wine pushes me towards the frontline With your sights still trained upon me And my fear that’s worse than death Was that your town that passed me by? It’s just the dust that makes me cry Crack the doors…
 Now the lamplight glows softly in the damp night Like the one who waits to meet me And sing my favorite tune Midnight, pushing daisies in the moonlight Planting rocks to mark the shadows We’re approaching all too soon Is that your time that’s passed me by? It’s just the dust that makes me cry Crack the doors… Copyright 1996 Slightly Charred Music
Never So Real (Dargan) Are you half asleep when I’m half awake? Does it depend upon which half you fake? I’m crawling underneath my bed And almost wished for you instead The truth as I remember it Has lost so much appeal Try my best it’s gonna never seem so real I look so far ahead sometimes That yesterdays are all I see The trouble with these days I find They disappear in spite of me Maybe my tomorrows Were just your half of the deal Either way it’s gonna never seem so real If you’ve found the perfect distance You can keep it for yourself As if distance was the best that you can do Now I think I see the difference When I’m standing by myself It never seemed so perfect, save for you When the baby cries inside your head Beneath your pillow, in his bed I’m half awake, you’re half asleep And all you left is mine to keep Grab the bedpost, dreaming Wake up, reinvent the wheel Try your best it’s gonna never seem so real Copyright 1996 Slightly Charred Music
Sarah with an h (Dargan) On my belly in the basement, through the window of your room I can almost reach the doorknob with the handle of this broom But you’re stuck outside the basement and you cannot find your keys So I’m crawling through the window and I’m tearing up my knees And as sure as you rise to keep the peace, I fall to pieces at your feet Will I drive you to the airport or did I misunderstand? Am I stuck inside your carport with your sweater in my hand? If you look to see what’s thawing in this sleeping bag of ice You might see what’s left to see there, cause it’s really very nice And as sure as you rise to keep the peace, I fall to pieces at your feet You’ll soon be swimming in some distant ocean I’ll be stranded on my local shore My head brimming with some fantastic notion And two years peaceful like before… Now that burn upon your leg, wrapped in gauze, very tender still To touch if you’re not careful and you brush it with your hand Is a silent, sweet decay, like my picture on your window sill So far gone today that I may never understand That this is gonna take some time, but it’s the one thing that you have now So try and hold the line till you make it overland And when you’re safe and dry in some long-forgotten basement Crawl through your own window, you don’t need me as your man And as sure as you rise to keep the peace, I fall to pieces at your feet Copyright 1996 Slightly Charred Music
The Sky Won’t Fall Down (Dargan) The world is still turning and the sky won’t fall down But the dreams that I shared with you lie in pieces on the ground What happened to our love? Now your happiness is sad Was it time spent in vain or just good loving gone bad? I don’t know all about myself, I do admit that’s true But the things that I see in me, I just can’t find in you Just a child, that’s all I am…why can’t you be too? The rest will come so quickly when our innocence is through Part of me says “just hold on and see what the future brings” But if I hesitate today, will I lose tomorrow’s dreams? I don’t know all about myself, I do admit that’s true But the things that I see in me, I just can’t find in you (c) 1988 Slightly Charred Music
Last Yesterday (Dargan) You get your way when you want a chase You get your way when you stand alone If you wanna go just name the place Pitch your phone and I can’t stay home You paint it on but you change your clothes You turn away when I see your face If you give a damn, well it never shows Hit your pace and I can’t erase The clues you give will lead me on And point me every which way Like the time we spend, so dead and gone, Since I saw you last yesterday I came for you but you don’t believe I came for you as you hit the door Find the one and you stay for free I’d say what for if I knew what for Paint your pictures, ride your horses Never stop in borrowed form As I walk right by your house, of course It’s got to serve some purpose for you You get your way when you want a chase You get your way till I stand alone You wanna go, would you save your face You get your way and you get your way… Copyright 1992 Slightly Charred Music
Read My Mind 03:50
Breathe 03:31
53 Steps 04:29
53 Steps (Dargan) All the water colored Christmas Carol cards Adorn the porcelain sides of plaster walls I watch you paint my dreams (And how) And speak your name a bit too loud Then chase the silence down my empty halls I’ve never told you any more than this I’m sixteen hours late to meet your kiss No time is right to prove you wrong No words persist to last that long My truest aim is solely yours to miss Down the ladder backward, a silhouette full grown With candlepower to light most any home away from home Sum it up in six words, an eloquence unknown to me beside you In my five square miles of home While the purple bugs crawl etched upon your stone My busy signals scurry from your phone The porcelain sinks and shower stalls Still dripping ink define four walls The touch I feel is very much my own Down the ladder… (c) 1996 Slightly Charred Music


released January 1, 1996

Slightly Charred Records, Madison WI
All songs by SMD, except track 1 by SMD and Jeff Covert
Produced by SMD and Jeff Covert
Recorded and Mixed by Jeff Covert at Wally Cleaver's Recording Services, Fredericksburg, VA
*Tracks 6 & 7 produced by SMD and John Alagia at Rutabaga Studios, Arlington, VA
Mastered by Dave Glasser at Airshow, Springfield, VA
Art by Leslie Nayman, Rhonda Vanover, John Blosser, and Christine Reed


all rights reserved



Sean Michael Dargan Madison, Wisconsin

Sean Michael Dargan is almost too tall, standing six feet, four inches in his favorite black-and-white saddle shoes. On a good day he writes and plays pop rock in the vein of Nick Lowe, Elvis Costello, Aimee Mann, and the Gin Blossoms. Guitar and voice are his main instruments, but if you’re not nice he’ll go get out his bagpipes. ... more

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